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Design size labels for self-made clothing: starting from 1 set of 200 pieces!

“Wow, did you make those trousers yourself?” These kind of reactions are fantastic to hear. When you know your clothes are going to hit the market, it’s time to go next level: add size labels to your self-made outfits and go selling.

Sell outfits with special size labels and be a professional. You can easily design and order size labels for clothing in our configurator. Then you can really say that the whole garment is made by you. Because even the size label is made by you.

Are you looking for woven size labels for your everyday outfits? Then you've come to the right place. With us you can compose your own custom made size labels for clothing. By following a few simple steps you can design and order the label size yourself.

Tips for creating custom labels size

If you’re going to design size labels for clothing for the first time, then it may be useful to implement our advice

  • First determine which sizes you want on the size labels:
  • You can fill in a total of three characters (e.g. XXL or 8-9)
  • You can fill in child or adult sizes (so for example 2-3 or XXS)
  • It is important that you choose the right colour for your size label. Choose colours that contrast well. For example: choose a black background with white characters for your size label. If there is too little contrast, the readability of the size labels will not be good.
  • Determine in advance how many pieces you need. You can use size labels and sew them in your homemade clothing in one set of 200 pieces. So 200 pieces in one size or 2x100 pieces in two different sizes.
  • If you have a specific order, you can always contact us.

Special size labels or just normal label size, you can create the label size exactly the way you want.

Design you worn size labels

Want to design your own custom labels? Just follow these steps to place an order:

  • Step 1: Fill in the desired sizes for your size labels. You can add two sizes. Note that you cannot fill in every letter and number.
  • Step 2: Choose a background colour. There are 15 different colours to choose from. Check the more information link to check which colour combinations we recommend.
  • Step 3: Choose a colour for your text. In this step you choose a colour for the size designation. You can choose out of 17 different colours. For more luxury you can even choose gold or silver for the text on your size label.
  • Step 4: Another option is click on a colour combination chosen by us. Instead of a 1 set with 1 picked colour combination you can add some variety with an order of 1 set with 5 colour combinations.

You have followed all steps. The only thing you must do know is to let us know how many size labels you want to buy. If you buy more size labels, you will get more discount. This discount can go up to 25%. Wow, that is a good deal!

Where do you put a size label?

A size label comes in very handy for your homemade clothing. You can place it anywhere. For example, sew it into the collar of your blouse or stitch it into the side seam. It is also possible to place size tags in the lining of trousers. Size labels can be placed on all products where it is important to indicate size. For example:

  • Sports and school clothing
  • Clothing in nursing and care homes
  • Dog clothing
  • Swimwear

Frequently ask questions about size labels

Are you looking for custom woven clothing labels? Look at our website. You can order just a few or buy a whole bunch of your own design. We are specialized in woven clothing labels and we would be happy to help you with any questions you have regarding size labels.

Here you can find some frequently ask questions about the label size:

What is the delivery time of custom labels?

The size labels for clothing or other products can be ordered as a standard product in the colour red on white/blue on white or white on black. In that case you will have the custom made labels shipped within two workdays. For standard products ordered before 15:00 PM, your order is shipped next workday. If you choose another colour combination, the labels will be shipped within 4 workdays. You can, for a small additional charge, also receive a Track & Trace code to track the shipment.

I'm going to buy size labels for the first time: what are the best colour combinations?

Of course you want to make the best choice regarding the colours of the size labels for clothing. Maybe you want to match the colour of the custom made labels with the name labels or with labels with your own logo? That’s all possible

Popular colour label size combinations are:

  • Silver (silver lurex yarn) text on white background
  • Silver (silver lurex yarn) text on black background
  • Gold (gold lurex yarn) text on white background
  • Gold (gold lurex yarn) text on black background
  • White text on black background
  • Brown text on beige background

We also have sets with fixed colour combinations. Instead of 1 set with 1 self-chosen colour combination (2 x 100 pieces) you can also choose 1 set with 5 colour combinations 2x (5 x 20 pieces) on either a dark or a light background.

So 1 set of size labels (200 pieces on a roll) with the following colours:

  • Light blue text on dark blue background
  • Silver lurex text on black background
  • Gold lurex text on bordeaux background
  • Fluo orange text on brown background
  • Fluo yellow/green on dark grey background

Or a set of size labels (200 pieces on a roll) with the following colours:

  • Silver lurex text on white background
  • Gold lurex text on light yellow background
  • Red text on light pink background
  • Blue text on light blue background
  • Fluo yellow-green text on light grey background

How many size labels can I order?

You can order label size from 2 x 100 pieces (on a roll). You benefit from our quantity discount when you buy a stack of custom made name labels. The more you buy, the higher the discount. It can go up to 25%.

Nominette has been making high quality clothing labels in Europe since 1920. Thousands of customers love our products!
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