New Year, New Plans

After an enjoyable, successful year with you, our growing community, as one of the highlights, we like to look ahead at the beginning of a new year to our goals for the new year. You can read more about our future developments in this New Years update.

Share, inspire & connect

The Nominette creators community is growing! That’s why we started our weekly Community Day last year (every Wednesday we repost your post/stories on our Instagram account. Tag @nominette_labels to join), we organized a super fun and successful creators event and share weekly DIY inspiration in our Facebook Group “Nominette Creators Community“. In this new year, we will again share plenty of fun DIY ideas, highlight our community and inspire with weekly DIY inspiration, the Community Day, a brand new creators event and much more fun!

New product developments

At Nominette, we are also focusing on new product options this year. We will be working on expansion of the label quality/material, symbols and options to make your labels even more you and more possibilities for the name and logo stickers.

Let’s go greener!

Sustainability is high on our agenda again in 2023. This year, we are replacing more yarn colours for NewLife recycled PET yarn, we are committed to reducing our production waste and we will continue to make our packaging more sustainable.

Price increase

It will not have escaped your notice that many sectors are facing rising prices. Unfortunately, at Nominette we are also facing higher costs of materials, wages and energy, among other things.

Hence, our prices will be increased as of 13-01-2023. For standard labels, the price increase is 5% and for special products and/or options, the increase is somewhat higher, depending on product and/or option. In addition, we have received new prices from our carriers. These have increased to such an extent that we have also had to increase our shipping costs. The current price for shipping costs is shown per shipping method on the website in the shopping cart.

Do you have any questions following this article? Let us know by phone or email.

Here’s to a creative 2023 !