Design your own wristbands

Your own wristbands for a party or event? You design them easily at Nominette. At Nominette we weave 3 different types of wristbands (also called concert or festival wristbands). Namely wristbands with your own text, wristbands with your own logo and Kids ID bands for children. Below we further explain the different types of wristbands.

Concert ID bands

Don’t have your own logo but would like a nice wristband with your own text? Then choose for standard concert ID bands. These bands are 14mm high and 33cm long and can be easily designed with text, symbols (optional) and colors. In our design tool you get an instant simulation of your band.

Design your own wristbands

Concert ID bands logo

Would you like your own logo or design on a wristband? Then choose for a ‘concert ID band logo’. These wristbands have a height of 25mm and a total length of 33 cm. Simply upload your logo file on our website, choose your desired colors and you will see your design directly in the simulation.

Wristbands or festival bands with your own logo

Kids ID bands

Are you looking for a wristband for children, for example to prevent them from getting lost in the playground, an amusement park or on the beach? With our Kids ID bands your child will be found in no time. Put a name and phone number on the band, for example, and your child can easily ask someone for help to call you. The Kids ID bands are 10mm high and 27cm long, have a child-friendly closure and do not irritate the skin.  You design them very easily with your own text, a symbol (optional) and fun color combination.

Kids ID bands

Good to know

Our concert bands with– and without logo are delivered cut, and you can choose to receive the closures loose or attached. You can also choose white or black closures with your order. The closure of the wristbands has barbs on the inside. In this way you can easily slide the clasp over the band at the appropriate length. Because of the barbs, the closure stays in place and does not slip off.

Because the Kids ID bands are somewhat narrower, another closure is included. This closure folds around the band to the desired length and then clicks into place. The closures for the Kids ID wristbands are intended for single use and are only available in white. The Kids ID bracelets are delivered rolled up and, suitable for cutting and attaching the closure yourself.

A sustainable choice

At Nominette, one of the things we are constantly evaluating is the sustainability of our materials. For example, we have looked at bamboo closures for wristbands. However, at the moment a 100% plastic closure still appears to be the most sustainable option since it is the most sturdy and therefore lasts the longest. In addition, almost all bamboo closures have a plastic inner layer in addition to the bamboo outer layer, making the closure no longer a mono-material, which makes recycling difficult. The closures of our concert ID bands (with- or without logo) are made of mono-material (100% plastic). This means that they are made of one type of material, making them easy to recycle.

Design your own wristbands

Order your wristbands super fast

If you organize a party or other event, you can’t do without your own wristbands. You can design them quickly and easily with the design tool on our website. Upload your logo, choose your colors, check the preview and choose the color of the closure. Indicate how many wristbands you want and click on ‘order’. Your wristbands will be woven within 4 working days. Design your own wristbands super fast via our website!

Looking for a wristband with more than 2 colors? Starting from 500 pieces, you can order your own festival wristbands in more colours through our parent company EE Labels.