Cherish your clothes – A sustainable choice

Sustainable textiles are high on the European agenda. A strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles has been launched. But also locally there is a lot of attention for textiles. But what can you as a consumer do yourself? The advice: cherish your clothes. You can bet that after all those hours of blood, sweat and tears, the members of our sew crew wear their clothes with great pleasure and pride.

Repairing clothes yourself

Wearing your favorite jacket or sweater, mending your pants or bag – this probably sounds very normal to Nominette sewistas. Thank goodness for that! Because it is the most sustainable way to handle your clothes.

The most sustainable choice

By repairing clothes yourself, you make the most sustainable choice. Thus, as a consumer, you have an effect on the big companies active in the disposable culture, such as SHEIN, Primark and more such names. Choose quality, repair what you have and wash your items with care. That way they will last the longest.

Name labels for kids

Another way to be more sustainable with your clothing is to make sure your clothes don’t get lost. Therefore, easily provide your clothes and those of children with a woven label with name/text. A woven label lasts the entire life cycle of a garment because they do not fade. Our labels are woven with recycled polyester do it makes a durable choice. Design your own labels in 5 minutes on our website.